Recapturing the story of infamous 1933 triple murder

To tell this story, I have combined and give credit to the following publications: various editions of The Thomas Tribune from 1933-1934; The December 13, 1933 edition of The Daily Oklahoman; December 1935 edition of Master Detective; October 1938 edition of Inside Detective; and the Thursday, August 13, 1981 edition of The Leader, story by Sam Sackett.

The 1935 Master Detective article, “Footprints in the Snow: Capturing Oklahoma’s Elusive Killer,” is by former Dewey County Sheriff C.C. Jones as told to Wendell H. Seba. The 1938 Inside Detective story titled “Carnival of Blood,” is told by Jones also as he told it to Ed Harlan Gibson.

In the 1930s, Fay was a quiet town where not much lawlessness broke out. At the time of the murder, Annabelle Scott, 98 year old current resident of Fay who was 12 years old at the time, remembers there being a grocery next door to the Wieser’s store, a hardware store, a lumberyard, telephone office, another grocery store, filling station and a post office.

Kent Kirkpatrick, 82 year old long time Thomas, OK resident, allowed, “there used to be a post office, two grocery stores, two gas stations, and a big hotel.”



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