What’s Your Story?

I love getting to know people. I am so utterly and completely drawn to the human story that I am frequently warned by love ones about engaging with people to readily without caution. I just can't help it. It's a gift and a curse. Curiosity can sneak up on me and draw me over before I rightly know what has hit me. I love even more when someone's story is so filled with truth that it becomes a living breathing thing. We learn to love and trust people through their story. People become real when they share with each other. Perceptions are shattered, boundaries are stretched, walls broken, and stereotypes fictionalized. Our stories are our footprints when we tell them or our ghost if we don't. Each word is a step, a winding path to the why's and where's of our destinations.
I love wild and reckless stories, the ones with care free abandon; your arms flung out the window, you could almost fly stories. I love the methodical and calculated ones just as much as the stories with mystery and depth. I personally enjoy, but am perplexed, by the life story held together with reason and order. I love the stories of victory.

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