Senate Review

Senate Review

It’s been a busy few weeks, but this past week was especially long as we spent our time hearing and debating the remaining House bills eligible for our consideration on the Senate floor. We had to take action on these bills by Thursday, April 22 for them to continue in the process to become law. Of the approximately 320 bills eligible to be heard, we approved about 300 of them.

Two of my bills that would improve the accuracy and efficiency of our state elections have been approved by both the House and Senate, meaning they’ve now been sent to the governor’s desk.

The governor signed Senate Bill 712 last Wednesday, which authorizes the State Election Board to purchase and use electronic pollbooks to check-in voters at the polls. This technology will now allow voters to be verified and signed-in electronically, which will create a more efficient process when you go to cast your vote.

Utilizing electronic polls will reduce the risk that a voter is issued the wrong ballot or signs the wrong line on the precinct registry. Voters who try to check-in at the wrong polling place can be more efficiently directed to their correct polling place, which will help to reduce confusion and frustration, not to mention decrease the need for provisional ballots.



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