This Season Spread the Joy, Not Germs

Holiday gatherings offer incredible opportunities to come together with friends and family to create lasting memories. However, with these good times, comes a higher chance of catching a cold, the flu, or even viruses.

This season make sure you’re not sharing germs along with memories! One of the most important ways to stop the spread of disease is also the simplest: Handwashing. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), handwashing saves lives by stopping the spread of germs. In fact, approximately 20 percent of pediatric pneumonia cases and almost one-third of childhood stomach viruses could be prevented just through good hand hygiene. Throughout the day, our hands gather germs. When we shake hands, turn a doorknob, use a keyboard, touch a surface or pet an animal, we pick up microbes which can be spread to others.

Many of us wash our hands before, during, and after preparing food, but we should do so at other times as well.


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