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Modern Slavery: Your Chance to Help Three Families

Anisa’s Country Adventures

Human trafficking in the form of slavery is not simply something that happens in secret. There are many countries that openly allow it. The leaders of those countries claim to be against slavery; however, the laws they create to fight it are weak and not enforced. Instead, professional sounding names are given to what is in truth slavery.

In many countries, there is a form of slavery called “bonded labor.” It is more accurately known as debt slavery and forced labor. This form of slavery forces entire families to work in order to pay off loans, including children as young as four-years-old. The task is impossible to complete, as the loan only offers less than a one cent payoff per unit of work offered. One example is found in brick manufacturing, which pays less than one cent per brick made. This is not even enough for the family to pay basic, everyday expenses, much less allow the family to pay the loan back. Such is the case for three specific families for whom I write this article.



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