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Memorial Day Heroes

Legislative Update

Memorial Day was first known as Decoration Day – a day when people gathered to decorate the graves of loved ones who had given their lives in service to their country. I have to admit; as a child I didn’t quite understand why people would want to decorate graves. Now, of course, as an adult, I can’t think of enough things we could do to honor the men and women who gave their lives in service to our great nation. Placing wreaths, flowers or flags on graves and speaking words in tribute of those who served and died to protect our liberty and freedom seems so small a gesture.  

 I heard a compelling message in which the speaker suggested the next time we find ourselves at a cemetery, we take a long look at headstones and record the limited information we find: a name, the dates of birth and death, sometimes a brief description such as loving mother, brother, sister, son, so on. All of life boiled down to such few words. In fact, the speaker said the most important thing on the tombstone is the dash – the little mark between the day of birth and the day of death. That little dash represents all of life. The message concluded with something like, “Life goes by so quickly. How will you live your dash?”


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