How Many Friends Do You Have?

How many friends do you have? Thousands? If you are on Facebook you may have close to 5000 friends and tens of thousands of more “friends” via Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or various other social media connections. Are you really connected? Can you really call these social media friends, “friends?”

How many of these people do you talk to or have ever had a verbal conversation, in person or on the telephone? How many of them have you met or would like to meet? In most cases if your social media “friends” wanted to meet you and visit you it would scare you to death. Although, I know a little bit about most of mine and in most cases I think I would probably enjoy it. If I wouldn’t enjoy it then why have that person in my circle of “friends?” The larger the number of people you have in your social media circle the less likely you are to know much if anything about them and then you have to ask yourself “why?” Most people would never have that much time to talk on the phone with all their social media friends.






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