To combat coronavirus, unleash the private sector

The emphasis on “public distancing” to combat the COVID-19/coronavirus should not be mistranslated into an edict to stop caring or taking necessary action. These are the times we must all commit ourselves to extraordinary personal responsibility and individual initiative. We must be courageous, not fearful. We must be wise, not obstinate. We must be a good neighbor, not an isolationist. We must be innovative and not captive. We must be compassionate and not self-centered.

Our policymakers will need to increase, not decrease, our reliance on private-sector solutions and this challenge will require government to modernize and innovate.

To some, that will sound counterintuitive. Surely at a time like this, critics will say, we need to ignore what the private sector can do and trust big government more than ever. But Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden noted the failures of big government in a recent debate when it was suggested government-run health care was needed to stop the coronavirus.

“With all due respect to Medicare for all, you have a single-payer system in Italy,” Biden said. “It doesn’t work there.”





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